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Working Group with Richard Windeyer

January 26th 2018, 2-4pm

Intermedial Performance as an Instrument of Public Engagement with Richard Windeyer

This working group was an in-depth discussion of intermedial performance as an instrument of public engagement. With lived experience on the one hand and the accumulating ‘bodies’ of archived data on the other, we examined how statistics and informatics are increasingly used to represent and present lives.

We started with chapter 4 of Jocelyn Spence book “Performative Experience Design” (2016).The book is available in electronic form through the U of T Library system you need a copy, please be in touch!

Richard C. Windeyer is a Ph.D candidate in the Collaborative Degree Program of the Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies and the Knowledge Media Design Institute at the University of Toronto. He is also a student trainee in the NSERC Create Program in Data Analytics and Visualization. His principle areas of research are multi-sensory data analytics, sonic information design and interaction, participatory performance design and simulation, experiential prototyping, soundscape ecology and design, music and sound design for immersive theatre and performance. His teaching specializations are music technology, digital signal processing and interactive electroacoustic music composition.

Presented in Toronto, ON.

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