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Past Special Events


Wading into Audience Research Workshop

June 16, 2023

In-person workshop (preceded by group attendance at a performance) at Performing Shores/ The Shores of Performance: The Canadian Association for Theatre Research conference at Dalhousie University (June 15-17, 2023)


Artists on Audiences: Three Ontario Artistic Directors Discuss

March 24th, 2023

Following broader discussions about diversifying and renewing theatre audiences, made more pressing in the age of COVID, this roundtable explored the partnership and potential points of connection between theatres and audience researchers. It also advanced critical discussions in audience studies by thinking through how we invite, imagine, and cast Ontario audiences.


Summer Conversation Series

June 15th 2021 and July 15th 2021, 2-3:30pm EST

Following the success of our 2020 Conversation Series, we hosted two more conversations this summer. Conversation 1: How Do We Do This Again? Reconsidering Interaction, and Conversation 2: So You Want to do Audience Research?


Summer Conversation Series

June 24th, July 22nd, and August 26th 2020, 2-4pm EST

While we couldn't meet in person at the time, we were keen to continue fostering a network of artists, scholars, and others interested in spectatorship. We created a three-part online conversation series centred on questions of audience research in a virtual environment. 


Audience Research Methods: Roundtable Lunch

October 24th 2019, 12-2pm

The Centre for Spectatorship and Audience Research held a catered roundtable discussion of methods and analysis of audiences of performance/live events with presentations from T.L. Cowan, Signy Lynch, Kelsey Jacobson, Jenny Salisbury, and Scott Mealey.


The Emerging Emancipation Symposium

May 9th 2019, 9-5pm

The event consisted of four panel discussions followed by a response from Dr. Barry Freeman. CSAR invited eighteen leading researchers from the UK, US, and Canada to share their emerging understandings of audience “translations”, improvements in methodological approaches, and effective modes of communicating discoveries to a wider circle of academics and practitioners.


Visiting Scholar: Dr. Matt Omasta

March 19th 2018 at 4pm, and March 20th 2018 at 7pm

From March 19-20, the CDTPS Centre for Spectatorship and Audience Research (CSAR) hosted award-winning researcher and educator, Dr. Matt Omasta. Part of his contribution was a hands-on workshop on the topic of mixed-methods, theatre-based research/analytical technique and well as a Keynote Address.


Pub Social

August 22nd 2017, 5:30-8pm

We hosted a pub night for dreaming, laughter, and a pint as we looked towards September.


Pub Night

May 29th 2017, 7pm

As many of us were in Toronto attending either Congress or CATR, we thought it would be grand if we gathered to meet, dream, and debate in-between conference events!


"Watching the World Burn" Seminar

May 28th 2017, 2:35-5:35pm

Join Organizers: C. Silver, J. Salisbury, S.Mealey, K. Jacobson and Participants: K. Blair, A. Breel, E. Cox, G.Diokno, N. Lior, S. Tyber, M. Wilmink, S.Lynch, and M. MacArthur in this participatory exploration of new spectator research in 2017, as part of the CATR Conference.


Visting Scholar: Dr. Helen Freshwater

November 15th at 2pm and November 16th 2016 at 5pm

We were so pleased to have an incredible visit from Dr. Helen Freshwater - author of Theatre & Audience, and advocate for audience research in the UK who joined us for in-depth conversations about the state of spectatorship research at the time and where we went from there.


Visiting Scholar: Professor Janelle Reinelt

September 20th 2016 at 2pm and September 21st 2016 at 5pm

The inaugural keynote in our new Visiting Scholars Series was delivered by eminent scholar and past president of the International Federation of Theatre Research, Dr. Janelle Reinelt. We hosted both a tea and conversation event and a keynote address.

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